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The Resources section contains a deep repository of materials related to the Turkic and Iranian languages.

The Bibliography section is designed to provide large selection of books, articles, abstracts, and dissertation lists for Turkic and Iranian language learners, instructors, and researchers on the topics such as lexicography, dialectology, orthography, and grammar.

The Culture section is dedicated to selected resources, which includes links related to art, music, literature, architecture, ethnography, and culinary arts.

The Map Room includes external links to linguistic maps of the Turkic and Iranian languages.

The Media section has links to newspapers, TV stations, and other sources of online media in the languages CTILD covers.

The K-12 section provides web resources about K-12 foreign language teaching programs, advocacy, technology, assessment, and heritage language learning research. Standards for Foreign Language Education and Professional development opportunities are also included.

The Online Materials section provides links to the language-learning tools of Central Asia. Featured language materials are in Azerbayjani, Kazakh, Turkish, Turkmen, Uzbek, Uyghur, Persian, Dari, and Pashto.