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The Center for Turkic and Iranian Lexicography and Dialectology (CTILD) is dedicated to the production of general and specialized dictionaries of Turkic and Iranian languages and to conducting research in Turkic and Iranian lexicography and dialectology. CTILD’s primary objectives include:

  • the collection of new words, expressions, and technical terms that have appeared since the 1980s in Turkic and Iranian languages spoken in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakstan, Azerbaijan, and Russia.
  • the development of dictionaries of poorly documented Turkic and Iranian languages and dialects spoken in countries such as China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, and Turkey, in addition to those cited above.
  • the development of new database software applications that facilitate the collection, storage, organization, analysis, and translation of lexical data of these languages and dialects.
  • the development of lexicographic methods and techniques to facilitate the documentation of Turkic and Iranian languages.
  • the production of dictionaries to support the instruction of Turkic and Iranian languages by the Department of Central Eurasian Studies (CEUS) at Indiana University and by other institutions nationwide.

Through the development of lexicographic materials and techniques, CTILD aims to promote mutual understanding between speakers of English and speakers of Turkic and Iranian languages.