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Shortening Of Words

  • This occurs when the demonstrative pronouns such as u, bu, shu, o’sha, and mana are combined with the word yoq and yer :
Literary languageTashkent DialectTranslation
u yoqdauyo:dathere
bu yoqdabuyo:dahere
shu yerdasho'ttahere
mana shu yermashitthis place
  • This occurs when certain words are added to the interrogative pronoun nima :
Literary languageTashkent DialectTranslation
nima qilamanmaqamanwhat I will do
nima qilasizmaqaswhat you will do
  • This occurs
    • when different helping verbs combine with main verb ol- :
Literary languageTashkent DialectTranslation
olib beringoberingplease buy/take for me
olib bordiobordihe/she took smth. somewhere
olib ketdiopkettihe/she took away something from here
olib kelopkeplease bring
olib chiqopchiqplease bring (outside)
olib qo'yadiopqo’yadihe/she will take away
olib tashlaoptashaplease take away/throw away
ola beringovurinplease take
  • when the helping verbs ber-, ket-, ol-, qo'y- and qol- are added to the verbs qil-, qol-, kel-, bo’l, yoz- and sol- :
Literary languageTashkent DialectTranslation
kelib ketdikepkettihe/she came and went back
bo'lib qoldibo’pqoldiit suddenly/unexpectedly occurred
solib qo'ysopqo’yplease put it in
qolib ketdiqopkettisth.left
kela bersinkevursinlet him/her to come
yoza olmaydiyozo:miydihe/she can't write
  • when the helping verb yubor- is added to verbs ending in –ib :
Literary languageTashkent DialectTranslation
qo'yib yuborqo’yvorplease let it go
ag'darib yubordiag’darvordihe/she suddenly tipped over smth.
to'kib yubordimto’kvordimI suddenly spilled smth.
chiqarib yuboringchiqazvorinplease let it come out
  • It also occurs in contractions of conjunctions or postpositions:
Literary languageTashkent DialectTranslation
undan keyininneykeyinafter that
bundan hammunnanamfrom this